How To Maximize Google Analytics Metrics as a Web Designer — Webinar

How To Maximize Google Analytics Metrics as a Web Designer — Webinar

Andy explains that it is poor practice to launch a website without first looking up what is getting traction in searches. You might even make the mistake of rewriting a page that’s currently highly relevant.

You can use Google Analytics to do some filtering through your records. Under Acquisition > Search Console, you should see all the pages that are doing well.

Once you have the Search Console set up, you’ll see every phrase each page ranks for. This information can help you determine which pages to migrate to a new site and which to carefully rewrite (if at all). If a page is currently ranked close to the top for a phrase, you have a decent opportunity to rank higher and get your client a better ROI.

This can be done by making that page more specifically focused on the topic the key phrase suggests. This doesn’t require you to do any keyword research. Rather, Google is telling you what pages you should optimize for certain phrases.

Also, pages that rank for one term can also rank for dozens or sometimes hundreds of others. Therefore, you want to optimize for both specific keywords and phrases, which is called semantic SEO. Andy also recommends making your pages more thorough and comprehensive by quoting statistics or adding links that answer questions.

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