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11 Best Shopify Alternatives in 2020 (Free, Paid, and Open Source)

Ecommerce has grown to become an unstoppable force, with $601.75 billion (with a B) in sales in the US alone in 2019. With more people shopping online than ever, most businesses are looking to start their own online store.

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platform globally with hundreds of thousands of vendors and stores. That doesn’t mean it’s your only option as there are plenty of full-featured platforms available, and even some unlikely competitors offer better solutions for specific audiences. Without industry experience, many business owners only have a vague idea of what a platform like Shopify can provide them with.

So, if you’re wondering “What can I use instead of Shopify?”, we have this article that’s right for you as we’ll cover the top Shopify alternatives with pros vs cons, user experience, and pricing breakdowns.

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