Huge Performance Improvements For Elementor

Huge Performance Improvements For Elementor

We are always looking for new ways to improve the speed and performance of Elementor websites. In Elementor’s newest release — Elementor 3.0, we’ve focused heavily on improving the performance of your pages.

Many factors affect the loading speed of a website. Factors like the hosting provider, the theme, the number of plugins, caching, HTML code, and others. 

While we cannot control external factors, we can (and do) work towards making sure that our product is optimized as best as possible. Certain changes, however, require the right time to be implemented. 

Some improvements — like CSS rendering, have a low potential to cause issues while other changes — like the removal of DOM elements, have a high-potential to break some websites, and cause issues. 

Introducing breaking changes is something that is traditionally done only in major releases, so we took this opportunity to introduce those changes and improvements and by reducing DOM elements and improving CSS rendering, we are taking one step closer towards better performance.

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