How To Write The Perfect Website Design Brief

How To Write The Perfect Website Design Brief

After signing a contract with your web design client, it’s important to identify a few key pieces of information that can help your project stay on track and within budget. A brief for a website typically outlines the work to be done, so that both parties understand what is expected in terms of deliverables and project workflow. 

A website design brief is usually created by the business that needs a site and wants to hire a professional designer to build it (i.e., the client). They can also be written by web professionals offering to build sites for new clients, although in these cases, the resulting document is called a web design proposal. 

In essence, all the relevant stakeholders in a website project can participate in creating the brief. However, most of the work should lie with the client.

The brief can serve as a project management tool for keeping the work on track and managing expectations. As we mentioned already, it can also help prevent scope creep, which is the unintentional expansion of a project’s scope and goals beyond what was originally agreed upon.

A website design brief can also provide clients with a more accurate estimate of monetary expenses and timescales. This is a result of identifying all key requirements and deliverables early on in the process.

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