Digital Marketing Tools – CodeGun

1. Marketplaces and classifieds – are the sites that combine goods and services.

One of the most popular resources is:

  1. OLX
  2. Amazon
  3. eBay
  4. Craiglist
  5. Google MyBusiness
  6. Facebook Marketplace

Classifieds, online directories, and other portals have huge attendance and extensive advertising opportunities for attracting new audiences. You can fill in company profiles – addresses and contacts. And it will be to be displayed in search engines. You can also place ads and find an audience interested in your goods and services.

2. Business Review sites are specialized resources, on that user who has tried out the product can leave reviews.

  1. Trustpilot
  2. Sitejabber
  3. Capterra
  6. Yelp
  7. Tripadvisor
  8. Google Maps
  9. Facebook Pages

3. Forum marketing is an activity that is aimed to promote products or services on hidden/open forums.

4.LocalSEO (MAPS) – Companies with a physical address that provides most of the services offline is the most suitable type of business to promote yourself on these types of platforms

this includes

  1. Google Maps
  2. Apple Maps
  3. Bing maps

5.SEO this promotion method has long-term effect and allows to attract the most traffic for lower cost per target user. 

6. email marketing – promotional(commercially oriented) email messages to potential clients.


Allows: – to quickly reach a large target audience; – attract new visitors to the site; – increase loyalty and trust to the company; – to return departed clients to the site; – increase sales. Used: – to promote products and services; – to inform the audience; – attracting/retracting subscribers’ attention.

7.Social Media Marketing – allows you to promote brands in social networks.

Allows: – increase the loyalty of current and potential customers; – to form a positive brand image; – to raise brand awarenes; – increase traffic and conversion. Promotion in social networks includes: – developing an original concept of community in social media; – creating and hosting all types of content, including online broadcasts; – continuous targeted communication with users; – long-term effect of social media by attracting new visitors.

8.Influencer Marketing

a new way to create positive brand image.

The main thing is to choose the right influencer, depending on the target audience and the objectives of the advertising campaign. Types: – Celebrity; – Professional big influencer; – small influencer. Allows: – increase brand recognition; – increase user loyalty and trust in the brand; – increased demand for company product or services; – to make sales.

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