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The Freelancer Marketplace plugin is an excellent opportunity to expand your online business and create a freelance exchange/marketplace on your WordPress site. The plugin is fully integrated with Easy Digital Downloads, a WordPress plugin for selling digital goods.

The Freelancer Marketplace offers a comprehensive collection of settings and configurations that will allow you to create and control your freelancer market, functioning according to your rules.

Why create a freelance marketplace?

The demand for freelance marketplaces is constantly growing. As of 2019, 35% of American workers now earn on freelance. The total number of freelancers in the United States is about 57 million, an increase of 4 million since 2014. According to Forbes, by 2030, freelancers in the world will account for up to 80% of the workforce. What is a freelancer marketplace? This is an online platform where businesses can find and hire individual contractors and freelancers for remote work. The platform acts as an intermediary, providing a safe and convenient way to conclude contracts with remote experts for short-term and long-term projects.

Key Features Easy adaptation processes

The Marketplace needs a quick and easy registration process, which will make life easier for your future platform users. The Freelancer Marketplace plugin comes with a short and quick form for submitting projects to work customers. Immediately after creating the project, it is registered. To easily connect freelancers to a specific project, clients can hire them directly in the list of freelancers or in the profile of a freelancer. Users of the site can use their social accounts for registration using the OneAll social registration plugin.

Bidding system

The plugin comes with a bidding system where freelancers can submit their applications for the project. The offer includes important parameters, such as the required time, steps, and description. After the application is accepted by the customer, the project is transferred to the execution mode.


The plugin allows you to set and charge a commission from any side: Freelancer and/or customer. This gives you complete control over your business model, setting fee rates, and which side to charge you for.

Messaging system

The plugin comes with a built-in messaging system, thanks to which freelancers and customers can discuss the project, terms of reference, and other offers before accepting them.

The main stages of the project

Thanks to the Freelancer Marketplace, users can create project steps that need to be approved. Functional Freelance Project uses stages (milestone) for payments on the project. During the bidding, the Freelancer must specify the necessary stages. During the project, both users can create additional steps if necessary.


During the implementation of the project and upon its completion, customers and freelancers can put their ratings to the other side. Ratings use a scale of 1 to 5 stars, as well as an input field for comments. This allows your platform to collect and display valuable reviews that create user confidence and also attract new users.

Dispute Management

During the implementation of the project, either party may open disputes or claims to each other. This may be the immunity of one of the parties, lack of information, or other reasons that you can determine in the settings.

Notification Templates

Freelance marketplaces control user actions through email notifications. The plugin has built-in countless email notification templates that you can edit and customize the way you want. Optimizing your emails is the key to guiding your users through all work processes, from registering and participating in tenders, to project execution, disputes, evaluations, and project completion.

Modern layouts

The plugin contains clear, simple, but informative page layouts, so freelancers and customers can easily track the progress of their projects.

Form builders

Built-in form builders allow site administrators to configure both the registration form for the Freelancer and the customer registration form. The blanks contain almost all the essential fields that you want to add to your registration forms.

Documentation and file folders

After the project is approved, users can upload files and documents through the messaging system. The plugin stores them in a separate folder of data and documentation, designed to document the project properly.

Execution schedule

The plugin captures the timeline of projects in runtime. Thus, both parties can track what is happening with their project and see progress.

Payments and Withdrawals

As soon as the client confirms that the project is accepted or the stage is completed, the funds are credited to the balance of the Freelancer. Funds paid by the customer fall into escrow. If the Freelancer has a positive balance of funds, he may request a withdrawal of funds. Payment can be made by transfer via PayPal, and other withdrawal systems can also be configured.

Other Pages

A good advantage of this plugin over other platforms is that it has detailed, complete, and accurate internal pages. Right on the WordPress dashboard, site administrators can see a full list and detailed information about the important functions of your site.


The plugin offers a comprehensive collection of settings and user configuration options. You get all the necessary tools to create the freelancers market you need.

Freelancer Marketplace Plugin Review