What social media to chose for business?

When it comes to promotion, entrepreneurs and freelancers think: “Yeah, I’ll open accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and even on YouTube, and fame will catch me tomorrow, the customers will fall by themselves.” But no, that’s not how it works. Promotion in social networks is a step-by-step process. It’s better to master one channel, and then slowly connect the rest than immediately appear everywhere and give up everything in a month. Today we will analyze the features and differences of social networks. This will help you choose a promising promotion channel.

Social Media Promotion: Facebook

What is happening on Facebook in terms of functionality? We know that it has personal pages, official pages, groups. What to do with it?

How Facebook personal page works

A personal page is ideal, in my opinion, a tool for promoting a personal brand with free methods. For several reasons:

Subscribers Loyalty

This is a platform on which people are happy to subscribe, make friends, and communicate on these pages. Now it is normal to perceive that you are promoting some of your projects on your page. Everyone does it.

Facebook Algorithm Loyalty

Publications on personal pages are less discriminated against in the news feed.

What is post discrimination in the feed? Each social network now has its own “smart” algorithm, according to which the corresponding posts are shown or not shown in the feed. That is if you write something, not all your subscribers will see your text. If you have 1000 subscribers, it’s not a fact that all 1000 will see your every post. It depends on many factors.

BUT! If, for example, comparing personal pages and public pages (official Facebook pages), then more people see posts on personal pages. On the official pages, posts are seen by 2-3% of the audience. And on the personal page, maybe up to 50-60%. It also depends on many factors. And from the number of subscribers, and from the post itself, and the reaction to it.

But the main point is that people see posts GOOD!

Organic promotion opportunity

A variety of free methods work very well on personal pages. Therefore, if you need to promote your own brand and you do not have a budget, then look at the personal pages.

Who are the Facebook business pages, and why?

Business pages are an excellent option for those who already have a budget for promotion in social networks. Official pages can be pretty nicely designed and customized. We have detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up business groups on Facebook.

Business pages can be advertised. This is the main function that is needed for promotion in social networks. In order for people to see posts posted on the official pages, you can give Facebook money, and he will show these posts to a large number of people. Plus, if you need to advertise some third-party resources, for example, landing pages, then you also need to create an official page and an advertising account.

At the same time, a small percentage of subscribers from the official page see posts without ads. Facebook makes money with this, so it reduces coverage without ads and increases coverage with ads.

Accordingly, there is money – the official page is good, no money – not very good.

Third-Party Integration

The official page can be integrated with the site. There are special plugins that allow a site’s news feed to be made up of posts on a Facebook business page. This is convenient, and besides, everything happens automatically.

Content by different authors

Subscribers can offer posts for publications. You can make such a setting that other people can write on your official page if you need it for some reason.

Free subscription

The official page cannot be made private. This is a community that is always exactly open, and anyone can subscribe to it. This is an important difference between the official page and the group.

What good are Facebook groups to promote

We also had detailed material on what Facebook groups are and how to conduct them. Therefore, here I will briefly say about the features:

Connect Contributors

The group can be based on user content, when you will write not only you (or not only you) but also subscribers. You can enable moderation to control the quality of incoming content, or disable so that posts are published automatically.

Privacy settings

A group can be made open and closed. This is convenient for business communities and training projects. For example, in our course “Personal Identity Promotion in Social Networks,” the participants communicate in a closed group – in a safe and supportive space.

Forced subscription

You can subscribe friends to a group. There is such an option “Invite a friend,” and he is automatically added to this group. But this is not necessary – no one likes to be added to the group without their consent.

Lack of paid promotion methods

The group cannot be advertised. You cannot add ads to a post in a group. Only on the official page. It is important. If you want to invest in promoting your site, then select the official page.

No apps

You cannot install applications in a group. The official page has such a variety of features.

Feed posts

Posts in the group get into the feed pretty badly. There is some discrimination. At the same time, group members receive notifications that the corresponding post has left the group if the participant has the “Send these notifications” checkbox selected.

Learning platform

In groups, there is a function for training. The option “Social Learning” is what we are doing now in the Facebook group. A rubricator of training materials is added. Tab “Modules.” A member of the group sees what information he has already looked at and where he stopped. For example, on one of our courses, the modules look like this:

Facebook Events

There is a format for meetings or events. They look like bands in appearance. Suitable for organizing events.
The main functionality of meetings or events is that you can remind users of them. You can send reminders that the event will be soon for those who are interested.

This is a convenient feature. From personal experience, I can say that for the promotion of events, this functionality does not go very well. But you can try.

Facebook messengers

Messenger – these are our private messages with you on social networks. They can also be used for business purposes. You can set up conversations and do regular mailings if you connect the messenger to the official page. Thus, you can collect a subscription base. People can subscribe to receive our information, and like e-mail, we also send this newsletter in the messenger.

Mailing Lists

Inform about some actions of our subscribers.
Create auto funnels.
Connect chatbots for automation

But here it is important to know that Facebook is constantly updating the mailing list rules, you need to follow them so as not to get into the ban. For example, from January 15, 20, sending messages to the messenger on behalf of a business page can only be done within 24 hours from the last contact of the subscriber (clicked a button or wrote something in response). The ability to send non-promotional newsletters has been canceled, even if you have permission. The 24 + 1 rule has been canceled – earlier, it was possible to send one additional message beyond 24 hours.

The free newsletter can be done only if the message matches the allowed tags. In general, you need to be on guard with the messenger. Any violation of Facebook can be regarded as a threat of spam to its users and ban you for it. But Facebook allows you to send messages for a fee. Such messages may contain links to sales pages, discount coupons, and any promotional material. Paid newsletters are possible from the Facebook account or the ManyChat service.

Other Facebook Features

There is still targeting on Facebook – the ability to connect paid advertising to the official page.

There is an opportunity to record stories – story. On Instagram, they work much better than on Facebook. On Facebook, too, this functionality is slowly swinging, and people are starting to use it.

You can carry out live broadcasts. That is, turn on the video and talk to people directly from your page. And from the personal page, and the official, and the group. Everywhere there is an opportunity. And the others are stored on Facebook posts. And gaining good coverage, because Facebook popularizes this functionality.

It’s all about technical features on Facebook. Briefly, but if you had doubts before and did not understand what you need: a personal page, public, official – now you should have guidelines for making a decision.

The functionality of Instagram is smaller than that of previous networks. There are not so many divisions into the public, groups, meetings, and so on. But Instagram is the most active site in terms of updates. Any trend – and now Instagram picks it up. If this site is not familiar to you, if it causes fear, if it is not clear where to click there, read how to set up an account and prepare it for promotion.

Personal and business accounts on Instagram

Personal and business accounts are similar in appearance. But there are differences.

Personal accounts are suitable for promoting a personal brand with free methods or advertising on other platforms. Not bad posts are shown in the Instagram feed. Through a personal account, you can establish interaction with bloggers and connect other freeways.

You can start with a personal profile, and then switch, if necessary, to a business profile and vice versa. But at the same time, statistics will be lost – it is important to know if you follow the indicators in social networks.

What is the difference between the business profile of Instagram

The business profile has:

Buttons “Communication.” And you can add information “How to get there,” “How to call,” “How to write,” contacts.
The ability to advertise through Instagram to give targeted advertising.
You are setting “Shop.” You can additionally mark products in your photos. It turns out a separate directory account with your goods. If you sell tangible goods, then this may be useful to you. If you sell services, then most likely you will not need it.

Such functionality helps when promoting in social networks, and when people maintain personal profiles (accounts) in the format of a business account, this works well.

This is also a big plus on Instagram because, for example, on Facebook, on the official page, it is quite difficult to pretend to be a personal account. There is another functionality. And on Instagram, absolutely calmly in a business account, a person can write on his behalf. If you transfer your account to business, no one will notice. But you will get an additional option “Advertise your posts,” and you can do it as if from your personal account.

Other opportunities for promotion on Instagram

Messenger – intended only for personal communication. Some chatbots and automatic settings cannot be connected yet. There are those who send spam, but it’s not us. 🙂

Stories – on Instagram, this tool works well enough to promote and engage subscribers.

Airs – the difference between Facebook and Vkontakte is that in them, live broadcasts appear in the tape. On Instagram, they appear where the story is. Just the other day, the new functionality of Instagram allowed saving the broadcasts to the IGTV – Instagram-TV section.

IGTV are long videos. This format caused a lot of interest when it appeared. Now it is quite actively used; it allows you to create something like your video channel on Instagram. Master if your business has the opportunity to shoot some long videos, training videos, or life hacks.

Promotion in social networks: how to choose a site

What to chose?

The audience. Choose the network where your audience is. Another question is that often the audience is everywhere.

Competitors. If you see that there is an audience everywhere, and competitors are concentrated only, for example, on Facebook, then you can search your audience on Instagram. Maybe you will be interested in it and get better promotion.

Promotion in social networks should be comfortable. Yes, of course, it’s better to go where your audience is, and your competitors are not. But if you are comfortable specifically on Instagram, then consider this particular network.

We advance with the help of our personality. We write posts, somehow communicate with the audience, and it is naturally advisable to do this where we are comfortable, although you can get used to any social network.

Your strengths. Focus on where you are strong and where this format is appropriate. If you write large enough texts, then it’s convenient to do this on Facebook, and not on Instagram. If you know how to take cool photos, then maybe Instagram is more suitable for you.

For any project, promotion in social networks is an untoward field. There are many opportunities.  Therefore, keep in mind that it is difficult to fully advance in several networks at once. It is better to start with one, and then, as you develop and grow, try other sites.